Dribbling It Out

In 1891, a PE instructor in Springfield, Massachusetts by the name of James Naismith was assigned the task of disciplining young lads at a YMCA training school with a newly invented game. To keep them busy in the cold weather, Naismith asked to design a game that'll not just keep the boys interested and engaged, but which could also be played indoors. Challenged with this incredible task, the PE instructor nailed a couple of peach baskets at a raised height and told his students to aim a soccer ball at them. This was the origins of what would later be known as the mammoth sport that is basketball.

Basketball has evolved quite a bit ever since its invention back in the 19th century. With Naismith's initial "13 Rules" used as a framework for further guidelines, the game has a set of unique and distinctive rules that make it all the more competitive and enjoyable. Skill and precision are two of the most critical aspects of basketball, because, like Bob Hurley said, "If you can't shoot it well, you don't get to shoot!"

What's even more phenomenal to observe is the way basketball has taken the whole country by a storm in a short span of time. This has been largely facilitated by the entry of college basketball matches and competitions between different American institutes. These early youth basketball tournaments paved the way for the game to be taken at a higher level, and it‘s now one of the most popular sports in the US. Currently, the National Basketball Association (NBA) is the most popular professional basketball leagues in the country, and has also helped the growth of the sport in other parts of the world.

The love of the game can be seen at both professional and amateur levels, allowing for several basketball competitions and events across states. Your jump shot doesn't need to be as good as Michael Jordon's for you to be able to play the sport! You can easily participate in any of the ongoing youth leagues by finding basketball tournament listings!

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