On Thin Ice

Ice Hockey is most commonly associated as a Canadian sport due to its popularity in the country. However, to say that the game originated in Canada or is solely played there would be inaccurate. Hockey is a popular game in North America, played at a national level in both, the US and Canada.

The exact origins of ice hockey (or hockey, as it's mostly referred to) are unknown. Some historians argue that the game was inspired by English field hockey, which involved using wooden sticks to hit and pass the ball. Others suggest lacrosse having contributed to the birth of this sport, which was a popular game played by the Native Americans and was regarded as a symbolic and a celebratory ritual. Research has also suggested that the sport can be traced back to the Scottish game of hurling, and was picked by the Indians from there. Whether it was the Scottish and Irish immigrants, the British Army, or the Native Indians who introduced the game, ice hockey soon became a phenomenon in North American regions, growing into the mammoth sport it is today with a massive fan following.

It is said that the French word "hoquet” meaning a shepherd's stick is what gave hockey its name. In earlier editions of the game, a team had as many as 30 players who used these sticks to steer the ball from one end to another in an ice rink. In the 1860s, the puck was introduced to be used instead of a ball in Canada, revolutionizing the game. Modern day ice hockey can be largely attributed to Canadian player James Creighton from McGill University, who helped devise the rules for the game.

Over the years, the rules have been subjected to further changes, from the number of players in a team to the division of the game into two halves and other format-based alterations. Currently, there are several hockey sports events and youth hockey tournaments held each year, with the NHL being the biggest professional hockey league in North America.

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