A Game as Old as Time

Baseball may be said to be the current American Pastime, but historians would argue that the title originally belonged to lacrosse. Said to date several centuries back, it was created by the Native American communities living in what's now part of Canada and existed in quite a few variations.

The indigenous people regarded the game as more than just a means of enjoyment. They believed that it was gifted them by the Creator and considered it as being symbolic of warfare, healing process, and a way to express their gratitude to Him. In fact, Native Americans played the game to foster their spiritual development, escalate healing, settle disputes and quarrels, prepare for war, and appease the Creator in this form of ceremonial ritual.

Also referred to as stickball, lacrosse is a distinctive sport mainly because of the netted racquets used in the game. These serve multiple purposes which include throwing, catching, and picking the ball off the ground, and steering it towards a goal. The ball may not be touched by the hands at any point during the game (with only a few exceptions to the rule), and the netted racquet is the players' only tool of passing on the ball to score a goal.

Lacrosse is no longer just a men's sport as was the case centuries ago. Today, it's inclusive of all audiences and participants, and is popular at both amateur and professional levels. In fact, there are several youth lacrosse tournaments organized throughout the US each year and, and the game has also gained popularity as a college sport. Tournament listings can be found on online platforms such as TourneyPlex, making registration and participation a simple affair.

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